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18 Oktober 2016

Dokumentasi RESTful

API development URL : {baseurl}/development-api
API production URL : {baseurl}/api

Before continuing develop your Web or Apps using This API, you must understand and agree with the following items:

  • Get rest_valid_logins From us like : {http_user:http_pass}
  • rest_valid_logins must call every send request


API are available in JSON, XML, and PHP serialized format.

4 method for using this API:


Used to fetch information about an existing resource. This is used by browsers when you enter a URL and hit go, or when you click on a link, so it perfect for fetching information on one of your REST resources (like user).


Used to update an existing resource with information. Browsers use this to submit most types of forms on the internet, although some use GET as well by submitting the form action with a query string containing the field data.


Less commonly used and not supported by most browsers, PUT is used to create a new resource.


Also not used by many browsers, this HTTP verb rather obviously is used to delete a resource.


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